Lean Six Sigma

Game changing competitive advantages already exist within your system, and Opgrade consultants can unleash them faster than ever, leveraging these advantages throughout your value stream. Working side-by-side, hands on with clients needing to improve their competitive position, with Lean Six Sigma, we offer the ability to both reduce the variation in your processes while eliminating unneeded, costly steps in the manufacturing process.

Lean, developed by Toyota, improves service speed and quality by eliminating waste throughout the production process. Six-Sigma, developed by Motorola, improves the quality of products and services by removing variability from processes. Together the two methodologies form a powerful set of tools which enables the success of profit improvement initiatives,

One of the most exciting developments is the growing use of Lean Six Sigma to develop and release consistently innovative products, with companies using Lean Six Sigma to keep their offerings a step or three ahead of the competition.

Giving you a better price/margin advantage to create and accelerate organic growth (and growth rates) exceeding industry averages, in implementing a Lean Six Sigma program your company will smoothly accelerate to new levels of accomplishment, rather than growing in the fits and spurts that stymie so many manufacturers today.

Extending beyond manufacturing, many IT companies such as IBM and Honeywell have deployed Lean Six Sigma within their organization to fantastic results. Hospitals, human resource departments, the oil and gas industry, and more have utilized Lean Sigma, making it one of the most successful and widely deployed Operational Excellence tools ever.

By combining Lean Manufacturing and Six-Sigma, Opgrade assists your team by training them to achieve the various levels, or “belts”, in Lean Sigma training and deployment. In addition, Opgrade assists the teams as they deploy Lean Sigma techniques and training throughout the organization.

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