3P is the abbreviation for the Production Preparation Process. Typically 3P is facilitated as a 3-5 day event, depending on the scope of the new production process.

The Production Preparation Process is perhaps the most effective means to bring a cross-functional team together to rapidly design a production process with the equipment layout, specifications and installation plan. A 3P event ensures production capability, built-in quality, productivity and Takt-Flow-Pull by allowing the team to eva...

We've developed a Microsoft Excel tool to help you manage your projects with RACI and Gantt Charts. Feel free to download, share and use it as you wish (just remember to give us the credit)!

Click here to download the Macro-enabled (xltm) Excel template file.

You will need to enable macros for the file to work.

Fill out your project plan, then click "Update Charts" to update both Gantt Charts. (The Gantt chart on the "Project Plan" tab does not print. The "Gantt Chart for Print" tab will...


When engineers need to design or improve fluid flow systems, it is often impossible or not cost-effective to see inside these systems and measure data. Through the use of numerical methods and powerful computers, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) algorithms allow engineers to model fluid and how it interacts within a specified system. With CFD models, engineers can quickly and cost-effectively design or improve the performance of a system without physically building and testing it.


Availability Study Improves Revenue and Optimizes Equipment Configuration


Reliability, Availability & Maintainability (RAM) Study

50 Words or Less

By employing our RAM study methodology, our client sells more product because they can produce more steam. In this case, greater steam generating flexibility with fewer maintenance requirements clearly provided higher steam availability over time, yielding an annualized revenue improvement of up to $6.1 million.

Once-through steam generators, a...

Improved Hydrogen Supply Increases Annual Revenues by $30+ million


Opgrade Performance Study of an existing petrochemical facility.

50 Words or Less

Our client produces make-up hydrogen required for a hydrocracker unit by gasifying asphaltenes. Because gasifiers are notoriously unreliable, our client engaged Opgrade to perform a study of this facility, learning that building a 50% redundant hydrogen supply would maximize return on investment and could improve average annual revenues by $...

Installing More Storage than Necessary is Simply a Waste of Capital


Opgrade Performance study of an existing plant

50 Words or Less

Management wants only as much storage as is necessary, yet operations is asserting they need as much as storage as can get. Through our Opgrade methodology, our client’s management and operations teams learned only 50% of their planned asphaltene storage is truly beneficial to the bottom line.

Without the ability to optimize tank sizes, many facilities instal...

Opgrade Study Establishes Business Case for $700 mil Infrastructure Investment


Opgrade Plant Performance Study

50 Words or Less

By utilizing our proprietary reliability-based capital investment decision tool, our client can proceed with confidence knowing that their $700 million capital improvement project will generate ample return on investment.  The study also identified $30 million in possible revenue improvements and at least $40 million in possible capital expenditure reductions.


As you know, probably having seen an initiative or two wither on the vine, the steps necessary to implement change are as important as the change itself – some would say even more important. Opgrade just doesn’t design programs or train people in Continuous Excellence, we dedicate ourselves to making sure the implementation of these changes are properly designed with your company in mind.

Industry: Industrial Suspension Manufacturing                

Event: To develop a Professional and Prioritized Deployment for Optimizing “ACME’s” Cash-Conversion-Cycle cycle.

50 Words or Less: Rework hours were >15% of all labor hours. By combining a Value Stream Map with an X-Matrix, our client was able to develop a long-term strategic plan resulting in significantly reduced defective parts and overall cost of poor quality (COPQ).


In the past, strategy sessions may have consisted of a weekend retreat of executives dusting off a strategic plan that few have looked at in 11 months, and modifying it so that they... can forget about it for another 11 months.


Sound familiar?


To develop and implement strategic planning sessions, Hoshin Kanri, a comprehensive, step-by-step planning process taking systemic appro...

Realizing that decisions made during the design process has a profound impact on the cost, quality, and delivery of a product, Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) has been developed to incorporate Six Sigma principles within the design process.


Through DFSS, zero-defect or 3ppm defect levels are being achieved through the design process, not, as with most Six Sigma methodologies, through an improvement process. This requires that customer expectations and needs are fully understood prior to manufacturin...

Your internal experts in all things Lean, the Steering Committee will be the drivers in your company's path from Good to Great. In order to implement a Lean program with cultural changes, management must understand the lean enterprise, with a long-term commitment to a strategic vision.


This begins with the Lean Steering Committee (LSC), the team hand-picked to lead and implement the change to Lean practices. The deployment of cultural and process change brought about by Lean practices is a signi...

"If you do not know where you're going, any road will take you there."


Did you know that up to 80% of the total cycle time for production can be consumed by non value-added activities? 80%! What can saving even 15% of your workers time during production earn you in increased margin?


As businesses grow and volumes increase, the way things are done need to grow and change as well. Processes that are efficient at small levels of production...

Game changing competitive advantages already exist within your system, and Opgrade consultants can unleash them faster than ever, leveraging these advantages throughout your value stream. Working side-by-side, hands on with clients needing to improve their competitive position, with Lean Six Sigma, we offer the ability to both reduce the variation in your processes while eliminating unneeded, costly steps in the manufacturing process.


Lean, developed by Toyota, improves service speed and quality...

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