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Financial Growth

Achieving financial growth is the goal of all businesses, but achieving continually improving financial growth is achieved by only the rarest of companies. Opgrade helps you join the ranks of the select second group of companies through a disciplined approach to continual excellence.


Market Penetration


Having awesome products and services is a start, but if they aren’t reaching all potential purchasers then revenues and profits are lost, and goals are missed. Opgrade teaches your team powerful tools used to identify new markets and attract new customers and clients.


Product Life-Cycle


Are you managing your products life cycles correctly? Have you identified their life cycles, as well as created and executed strategies to lengthen them? Opgrade can extend your products life cycles and introduce new ways to look at the issue.

Margin Contribution


“Money is made at the margins”, as the old saying goes, and in business marginal improvements can be made everywhere… meaning money can be made everywhere. Opgrade helps you identify those marginal improvements which will make the greatest impact on your bottom line.

Skills Recruitment and Retaining

People are your greatest resource and recruiting and retaining them can be your greatest challenge. By participating in Operational Excellence programs, your employees are engaged and committed, increasing your chances of retention.


Continuous Improvement Program Management

Too many companies, in their transition from Good to Great, take halting steps towards implementing Continuous Improvement Programs with expected results. With Opgrade, our clients make the transition from engaging with Continuous Improvement to taking on the responsibility of managing the CI program themselves.


Operational Best Practices

Are your current processes your best processes? If not, how can they be better? The greatest people, the greatest companies all go outside themselves to learn and improve how they do things… can you? If you wish to join this select group, please contact Opgrade today so we may assist you in reaching beyond yourself to develop those Best Practices right for your company.


Skills Optimization


Recruiting and Retaining is the challenge, skills optimization is the answer. In participating in Operational Excellence programs, by placing the right personalities in the right positions, employees are engaged on both a professional and personal level. Let Opgrade help you fine tune the mix, so that your employees achieve the rare mix of feeling valued and being valuable.


Asset Optimization

Before expending vast sums on capital expenditures, Opgrade’s teams will help you optimize your asset allocation, allowing you to unleash significant value improvements from your current assets. 


Facility Design and Footprint Optimization


What percentage of your workforce’s day is spent moving from one place to another? How much of this walking is adding value to your product? Many times, a well-trained and motivated workforce can be hampered by inefficient facility design and footprint optimization. Opgrade can work with you to minimize “drive time” and maximize “production time.”


Financial Dashboards

Numbers matter, but in a world awash with data their presentation matters too. Opgrade will help you develop financial dashboards, giving you a quick, visual comparative look into your data. Trend diagrams, bar charts, and more can be utilized to ensure your team is kept up to date simultaneously.


Scorecard Management


How do your managers manage their staff? Do they have achievable metrics for them, or are they managed by “feel”? Opgrade helps you build a Scorecard Management system, giving your managers the ability to monitor the consequences arising from staff activity.


Cost of Poor Quality


Rework, repair, and returns are the bane of all manufacturers, sending shock-waves of cost all up and down the corporate chain. Opgrade assists in eliminating these costs, resulting in a more efficient and rational operation.


Asset Reliability

Assets break down, they wear out, and they do this both continually and predictively. Maximizing asset reliability while still maintaining production schedules and deadlines is a key struggle for all manufacturers. Opgrade’s tools allow you to measure asset reliability and assist you in scheduling asset repair times while keeping up with the schedule.

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