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About Us

Headquartered in San Antonio, Opgrade provides continuous improvement consulting to firms as varied as Valero, Clarcor, Fluor, and Igloo. Though we're nationwide in scope, we especially like to train and support manufacturers in Central and South Texas .

Nate Barber

Founding Partner

Mr. Barber is a man of faith and family and founder of Opgrade LLC. A life-long learner, Mr. Barber enjoys leaping up new learning curves and finding creative solutions to challenging problems; an unabashed engineer and businessman, he looks for practical ways to improve both performance and profits.


His diverse set of skills and talents include Transactional Lean Sigma Process Improvement, Leadership Coaching, Strategic Planning, Budgeting & Financial Forecasting, Project Management, Process Engineering, Reliability Analysis and Capital Allocation Decision-Making.


Mr. Barber is also very involved in his church and community, often finding himself in leadership roles wherever he becomes engaged.

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