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Lean Steering Committee

Your internal experts in all things Lean, the Steering Committee will be the drivers in your company's path from Good to Great. In order to implement a Lean program with cultural changes, management must understand the lean enterprise, with a long-term commitment to a strategic vision.

This begins with the Lean Steering Committee (LSC), the team hand-picked to lead and implement the change to Lean practices. The deployment of cultural and process change brought about by Lean practices is a significant step in your company's path from Good to Great, and without a strong guiding hand comprised of management and executive staff, this effort will fail.

The LSC prevents this from happening by being the primary mechanism for the management of the Lean initiative and the Committee helps guarantee the techniques and values of Lean production are displayed and supported in each department in which Lean is deployed.

When building your team, Opgrade will help you concentrate on the following principles for maximum results:

Composition of the team, including leaders, people with special skills (say organizational methodologies), and people whom should be engaged due to their role in the company.

Scope of the initiative should rest with the line leadership putting together the Steering Committee, not the committee itself.

Continued Learning is a requirement of any leader, including the members of the Steering Committee.

By accepting responsibility for the Lean transformation, the Lean Steering Committee's main objective is to ensure that the Lean program remains on track and reaches the desired goal. Ongoing reviews and taking appropriate actions are all within the LSC's scope of responsibilities, and while the Committee is not expected to do all of the work in the Lean transformation, it should manage resources so that the work gets done.

Please speak to one of our Operational Excellence coaches in order to begin your journey.

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