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Value Stream Mapping

"If you do not know where you're going, any road will take you there."

Did you know that up to 80% of the total cycle time for production can be consumed by non value-added activities? 80%! What can saving even 15% of your workers time during production earn you in increased margin?

As businesses grow and volumes increase, the way things are done need to grow and change as well. Processes that are efficient at small levels of production are unsupportable at larger volumes. Learning that this is happening is easy: employee complaints, slipped schedules, limits to production, all these and more will indicate that you are having a problem on your production line.

So now you have to change, but how do you find out what to change... and when?

Opgrade's Value Stream Mapping and Analysis program separates those activities that contribute to the creation of value from those activities that do not, identifying opportunities for improvement. Suitable for most businesses but especially valuable for Manufacturing, Logistics, Software, and Supply Chain oriented companies, Value Stream Mapping (VSM) develops a visual map which depicts the flow of information, processes, and materials needed to make a product with the goal of eliminating those time-wasting actions and pauses that add incremental cost to each unit produced.

Taking into account not just the production activity but also the management and information systems that support the process, a Value Stream Map is especially helpful not just in reducing cycle times but in understanding the decision-making flow of management and executives as well.

In using Value Stream Mapping you will discover bottlenecks, get rid of waste in the process, identify key decision points, and engage the entire production team in an exercise of corporate improvement, resulting in tighter production schedules, smaller payrolls, increased margins and a fatter bottom line.

Please speak to one of our Operational Excellence coaches in order to begin your journey.

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