In the past, strategy sessions may have consisted of a weekend retreat of executives dusting off a strategic plan that few have looked at in 11 months, and modifying it so that they... can forget about it for another 11 months.


Sound familiar?


To develop and implement strategic planning sessions, Hoshin Kanri, a comprehensive, step-by-step planning process taking systemic appro...

"If you do not know where you're going, any road will take you there."


Did you know that up to 80% of the total cycle time for production can be consumed by non value-added activities? 80%! What can saving even 15% of your workers time during production earn you in increased margin?


As businesses grow and volumes increase, the way things are done need to grow and change as well. Processes that are efficient at small levels of production...

Game changing competitive advantages already exist within your system, and Opgrade consultants can unleash them faster than ever, leveraging these advantages throughout your value stream. Working side-by-side, hands on with clients needing to improve their competitive position, with Lean Six Sigma, we offer the ability to both reduce the variation in your processes while eliminating unneeded, costly steps in the manufacturing process.


Lean, developed by Toyota, improves service speed and quality...

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