Realizing that decisions made during the design process has a profound impact on the cost, quality, and delivery of a product, Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) has been developed to incorporate Six Sigma principles within the design process.


Through DFSS, zero-defect or 3ppm defect levels are being achieved through the design process, not, as with most Six Sigma methodologies, through an improvement process. This requires that customer expectations and needs are fully understood prior to manufacturin...

Game changing competitive advantages already exist within your system, and Opgrade consultants can unleash them faster than ever, leveraging these advantages throughout your value stream. Working side-by-side, hands on with clients needing to improve their competitive position, with Lean Six Sigma, we offer the ability to both reduce the variation in your processes while eliminating unneeded, costly steps in the manufacturing process.


Lean, developed by Toyota, improves service speed and quality...

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